• 1. Where can I buy Spindrift beverages?

    To find Spindrift at a store near you, please click on this link to access our Store Locator. In order to find out if a store carries a specific flavor, please call the store directly. Spindrift is available online at or in retailers such as Fresh Market, Market Basket, Sprouts, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market & many more.

  • 2. Are your products sold internationally?

    Our products are currently only available in the United States.

  • 3. Do your products contain caffeine?

    All Spindrift beverages are caffeine free with the exception of our Half & Half. Our Half & Half is created with brewed black tea and does contain a very low level of natural caffeine.

  • 4. Do I need to refrigerate Spindrift products?

    We recommend refrigerating our beverages at all times for optimal taste and the freshest experience. That said, please note you can store outside of temperature control for a few days at a time at an ideal range of 34-60ᵒF with zero degradation of product quality.

  • 5. Are your products sugar free?

    Our unsweetened sparkling water lineup has no sugar added. The only sugar found within comes straight from the real, fresh fruit. In contrast, we also offer a line of sweetened sparkling beverages which contain a dash of only pure cane sugar.

  • 6. Do your products contain GMOs?

    Although all of the ingredients used in our beverages do not contain GMOs, you may have noticed there is no official designation on our packaging. Our certification is still in process, but rest assured—all documentation has been submitted.

  • 7. Are your products Kosher or Gluten Free?

    Yes to both! Please note our Kosher designation is OU.

  • 8. What are the natural flavors in Spindrift beverages?

    Spindrift’s natural flavors come from real fruit and berries such as carrot and blackcurrant. We truly use only natural ingredients and are not hiding msg or other harmful additives under the label. There are many ways to recreate the taste of fruit. At Spindrift, we prefer to go right from the branch to the bottle.

  • 9. Why are your carbonation levels lower than most sparkling waters on the market?

    It is our intention to balance the carbonation, so as not to overshadow the taste of the real squeezed fruit that goes into all of our products.

  • 10. Are your products pasteurized?

    All Spindrift beverages are fully pasteurized to comply with food/beverage safety regulations.

  • 11. Do your cans have BPA lining?

    The material is aluminum only with BPA lining. All Spindrift cans are extensively tested to make sure there are only trace amounts of BPA which fall far below daily thresholds. The cans have been reviewed and approved for safe consumption by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). That being said, we completely understand the concern over BPA and are very happy to offer Spindrift in glass bottles in addition to cans.

  • 12. What does the date on the package correspond to?

    All Spindrift beverages are individually stamped with a best by date. For our bottles, the date will be stamped on the glass in either black or white ink. For our cans, each four pack contains a best buy date on the outside packaging and then again underneath the can.